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Paderborn 2010

Corus Brass on Tour, Paderborn 2010

A brief remembering of Paderborn - by Jim Bulger

As it’s now coming up to almost a year since our Paderborn trip I’ve decided to try and recant some of the stories and episodes that happened while over there. The old adage of ‘what goes on tour, stays on tour’ will have to take a back seat on this occasion!

The build up to our tour was a busy and exciting time in Corus, I had not long joined the group and our concert diary was busy and we were covering repertoire in a rapid and efficient way. Under the musical direction of Nigel we were drilled weekly on phrasing (not a natural idea for brass players) and often told to shut up (a phrase most brass players are used to!). Andy Sykes, our jazz trumpeter on the third trumpet seat was preparing for his move to London and Dave Greenland was invited to take his seat, however in a brilliant step on Simons' part we decided that both could join us in Germany turning out ten piece brass into eleven! This extra player gave us a larger sound, more stamina and expanded our repertoir!

Anyway, down to the trip. We were greeted off the plane by Didi and Jurgen and a bus taking us to Paderborn, in true tour style the bus was laden with beer and upon landing at the hotel we headed to the pub. Imagine the seen, in a quiet town an owner of a small country pub is descended by 11 brass players, a percussionist and a conductor and all our local friends. This was the first of many nights here, and the landlord I’m sure made more in our visit than in his yearly takings!

For concerts we played in a variety of places, our first was in a secondary school where the audience were sat in the school hall and behind desks. We also performed in Paderborn town centre, outside the town hall and we were the warm up act to a beer keller band (who also let us join in!) where beer flowed and the smell of roasting meat filled the whole room. By far and away the highlight of the tour was our concert in the Kaiserpfalz in Paderborn, a beautiful accoustic and a warm loving crowd who were sat inches away from us! The program was extremely challenging but was well worth the effort for the huge applause.

At the end of the tour Nigel announced his new status with the group. With work commitments building and a huge commute needed for every rehearsal he would soon have to step down as full time conductor of the group after the Christmas period. It was decided that I would step us and rehearse the group and Nigel would return for future concerts, so now I had to learn how to phrase and try and not make us play loud all the time (which sadly is my own musical taste!).

The tour was a great success, a good way to send off Andy and welcome in Dave Greenland, but also brilliant for the group to return to their second home of Paderborn. The local people and friends of the group could not have been more welcoming, loving and giving of their time and generosity, and it was truly appreciated. The following weeks were mainly spent in darkened rooms trying to recover, and once that was over the photos finally came out reminding us of the good times. To see these visit our facebook group!