About Us

Corus Brass Ensemble was formed in 1985 and since then has gained an enviable reputation as one of the finest brass ensembles of its kind in the country.

The Ensemble have performed throughout the country and beyond and have played at numerous prestigious events. These have included two engagements during the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, television appearances, recordings and concerts in some of finest venues in the United Kingdom. Corus regularly performs in the wonderful setting of the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, a venue at which the individual and collective talents of the Ensemble have been heard on numerous occasions.

Bolton is the home town of Corus Brass Ensemble and the town is twinned with several similar towns in Europe. Perhaps the most notable of these is the town of Paderborn in Germany and Corus over the years has been one of the most active ambassadors for Bolton in events in its German twin. The group has made numerous concert tours of Paderborn and its near neighbour of Elsen the most recent ones being in October 2006 when they played at the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Bundes-Schutzen Musikkorps and again in October 2010 when Corus itself was celebrating its 25th Anniversary season gaining great critical acclaim in the process.

Now in its 33rd season, the ensemble continues to promote high quality brass instrumental music of all styles to as wide an audience as possible.